Lower Back Pain


Pain Symptoms will be dependent on which structures are irritated. Usually pain in the low back which changes location is functional in origin.

Low back pain with radiation into the leg, burning sensation, numbness and tingling should always be taken very seriously and requires immediate medical attention.


Low back pain can be caused by structural pathology such as: herniated or protruded disc, arthritis of the lumbar joints. It can also be caused by pinched nerve within or around the structures of spinal canal or spinal foramens. It could also be functional such as muscular or ligsmentous pain.

Poor postureĀ 
Developmental aberrations
Muscular or ligamentous strain
Poor motor control of the lumbar spine
Poor function of the lumbopelvic-hip complex
Bulging or herniated disc
Sacroiliac joint restriction or hypermobility
Poor function of the core (deep spinal stability mechanisms)